Smelling Green Apples Or Bananas Can Help You Lose Weight!

It is true that if you were to smell green apples or bananas before every meal, you’d actually end up losing weight. This is a scientifically proven fact. In order to prove this fact, scientists took a group of almost 3,200 overweight women and made them smell specific scents whenever they were hungry.

The women chosen were between the ages of 18 and 64. They were told to smell scents of items like bananas, peppermint, vanilla and green apple. The test was held for six months and these women lost almost 14 kg, on an average, during this period. Another test of a similar nature was done in a separate setting with similar results.

The scents mentioned above are considered to be neutral sweet scents. Strongly sweet scents don’t have the same impact as these neutral sweet scents. An example of a strongly sweet scent is chocolate.

The big question is how does smelling the scents of bananas or green apples help you lose weight? The answer has to do with the way our bodies perceive our eating habits. The sense of smell is a crucial element of our eating habits.

Firstly, our sense of smell causes us to become hungry. If the scent we smell is particularly appetising, we crave food and end up overeating. Furthermore, when our brain receives signals from our nose about a particular type of food, it thinks that it has eaten the food.

The result is that we start feeling full and uninterested in eating more. In simple terms, we can say that smelling these neutral sweet scents can curb our appetite and we end up eating less. In the long term, this means weight loss.

You won’t find anything in the market based on this principle, but there is research being done in the area. For instance, some scientists have produced crystals that have 12 different neutral sweet scents. When these crystals are sprinkled over a meal, they end up fooling a person into eating less food. However, these crystals are still in the testing phase.

However, you can use this principle to lose weight by simply focusing on the flavours associated with the neutral sweet scents mentioned above. You can buy those items and smell them regularly every day.

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