Reverse Your Hairline With Emu Oil

Emu oil might not have struck you as being good for your hair, but continue reading this guide to learn the proven benefits of emu oil for hair loss and growth.

Your hair is important. Not just for cosmetics or aesthetics, but it actually serves a purpose. The hair on our body acts as a thermoregulator for our body. It also helps with our immune system. But if it’s so important, how do we take care of it.

Aboriginal Claims About Emu Oil

Emu oil has come with some pretty wild claims. Tribes in Australia claimed it could heal wounds.

It was also touted as a pain reliever for muscle and joint aches.

While these claims remain unproven, emu oil for hair loss is a sure thing.

This miraculous product will change your life forever.

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Emu Oil For Hair: How Does It Work?

Emu oil, of course, is a natural substance. It has no adverse side effects, so you shouldn’t worry about using it on your scalp.

Male pattern baldness is often connected with large amount of bacteria infiltrates  and harsh scalp conditions so using this product in your hair loss treatment regime will definitely help the battle with hair loss.

There is an article published by Drug and Cosmetic Industry Magazine in 1996, where there is a claim proving Emu Oil stimulates both hair and skin growth and  induces the proliferation of the cells around the hair follicle. This patent investigation  demonstrates that the topical application of emu oil can stimulate melanogenesis and hair follicle development and growth.

Emu Oil contains :

– Vitamin A, known for skin repairer and strong antioxidant
• Sapogens, skin softeners
• Terpines,  antiseptics

When you use emu oil for hair growth, you’re reducing inflammation in your scalp. This alone is healthy for your scalp. And when it comes to hair loss, you’re looking at one of the causes being an inflamed scalp.

Another benefit of emu oil for hair loss is its non-comedogenic properties. That is a fancy way of saying it doesn’t clog your pores. While none of these things really grow your hair. They do promote growth and reduce elements that might be detrimental to hair growth.

Important property of Emu Oil is that it is bacteriostatic. When its in 100% PURE form, emu oil grows no bacterial organisms at all! Other great thing of this greasy lotion is that is full non-comedogenic, that is to say it does not clog up pores. That is not a case with another plant or mineral oils.

So, Emu oil is extremely good for you hair. And it won’t feel greasy when you apply it to your mane or scalp. This is due to the fact that it’s a good emulsifier.

Directions for usage:

Apply a drop of Emu Oil on the affected part of the scalp and massage it about 1 minute. A single drop can cover as much as a whole palm. If you are 2.5 or more on a Norwood Hair Loss Scale, you must apply first on the crown and massage  in circular motions starting from the inside towards the outside. Once you stop massaging, the scalp is not supposed to be greasy. If it is, use less next time.


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